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All Fresh Ingredients

Looking for a healthier, more natural snack? Look no further! Our products are made with fresh ingredients and are the perfect way to treat yourself while nourishing your body.

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Homemade Small Batch

The superior quality of our products is a testament to the care and attention we put into handcrafting each small batch. Perfect for gifts, or indulging on your own.

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No preservatives

Enjoy the homemade taste you love, made without any artificial preservatives or additives.

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At Andrea’s Kitchen, we blend our Brazilian heritage with a healthy scoop of local love to create delicious granolas and baked goods.

  • Claudia Vecchione

    Andrea's Kitchen is simply the best when it comes to specialty food! I've been lucky enough to have her prepare food for a variety of events.

    What sets Andrea apart is her professionalism and attention to detail. Everything is always executed flawlessly, from the presentation to the taste. It's clear that she puts her heart and soul into every product she creates, and it truly shows.

    Thank you, Andrea, for making every occasion so memorable and delicious. I can't recommend Andrea's Kitchen enough for anyone looking for a truly special experience.

  • Rodrigo Passos

    It’s my go to when I have to bring baked goods to meetings or parties. Always a hit!

    And the granola is out of this world.

  • Kendal Rowe

    "I had the pleasure of finding Andrea and Andrea’s kitchen years ago and I can’t say enough wonderful things about her and her amazing food! Thank you Andrea for sharing your talents. It is clear you put your heart in everything you do."

  • Cynara Duarte - Duarte’s Cleaning Inc.

    Andrea’s Kitchen goes beyond delicious food. Clearly, their satisfaction is to bring well-being and joy to homes and people through Andrea’s art of cooking! She overflows with love and dedication in everything she sets out to do. You will not regret trying any of her products, and can almost guarantee you’ll want to share them with your friends, business partners and loved ones too.

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